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Jean Fitting, Personal Shopping and Hems are our Specialties

We’re happy you’ve found us here at Flagstaff Jean Company, where our mission is to find  the Perfect Fit and offer the best Customer Service.  Whether you’re new to finding your style, want function over form, or you’re the most discerning fashionista in town we have something for you.  We provide impeccable service and pampering to every customer and with our team of Jean Specialists and Personal Shoppers we can provide the most enjoyable shopping experience you’ve ever had.  In fact, that’s our first and only goal.  Read on to see the many ways we work to reach it.

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  1. Fit:  This is our specialty.  Women’s clothing has better details to the fit than most junior clothing, once women expect clothing to complement us and not the other way around we work with companies that feel the same way we do.  And contrary to standard belief, Women’s and Missy clothing is for all ages and body shapes and will complement most women over the age of 13 years old.  Whether you’re looking for a perfect pair of jeans, a tailored-head-to-toe dress, tons of adorable jewelry and accessories, or a stunning top –  we will help you find the fit you’re looking for.  Our knowledgeable Fit Specialists can even help you improve on the fits you would normally pick for yourself with a quick, personalized Fitting.  We analyze body shape by measuring at three different points on the body and use this information to help you fill your closet with the most flattering fits…and the most comfortable.
  2. Quality:  We search (and I do mean search) high and low for the highest quality in all our clothingdenim and dresses alike.  When the designer and brand put the extra time into making the quality clothing that Flagstaff Jean Company demands, we’re able to pass that quality on to you.  If you want clothing you can live in come to us.   As we tell all our customers when they find their newest favorite fashion, “If you take care of your clothing – your clothing will take care of you.”  We’ll even help with care instructions so that your clothing looks its best as long as possible – giving you the absolute best bang for your buck.
  3. Price:  The quality we mentioned above can be found in all price points – and we reflect that in what we sell.  Whether your budget dictates that only items under $50 will work or you want only the finest in Premium Brands we have you covered (pun intended).  We believe that it should be possible to find what you need at any price range and study our brands thoroughly so that we can relay our best quality items at every price.  Whether your chief concern is textiles, fit, craftsmanship, or you need all three – we will help you find what you need.
  4. Education:  We believe in educating our customers.  How else will you find the best clothing around?  What you learn from one fitting at Flagstaff Jean Company will help you in every other clothing shopping endeavor you make from here on out.  With fitting rooms full of tips and Personal Shoppers always on hand with the most reliable and time-tested fit advice we make fit experts of all of our customers.  Tell us how you want to look and we’ll tell you the best ways to make that a reality.  Knowledge is power!
  5. Customer Service: If you’re looking for a smile – look no further.  We believe that every customer deserves our very best and boy do we do everything we can to deliver it!  Come in for a fitting or just to browse; we’ll be happy to help you however you need.  Whether what you need is space to shop on your own or a friend to give you honest advice at the fitting room we provide it all.  And if you’re shopping online or simply looking through our online store we are a phone call away with the most detailed information on the styles you love.  And since a smile is the best accessory – no customer’s ensemble is perfect without it- we’ll do whatever we can to help you leave the store with one :)


When looking for a Jean, the Size and the Rise are very important. Use our 5 Color Rise System to help you when you shop!

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Click below for instructions on high-end jean care to make your Flagstaff Jean Company jeans last longer.

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